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We’ve caught the attention of a TV Dragon (proud to say it’s James Caan!)

Passionate and Proud of what we do at David Alan (and we even have the attention of a TV Dragon!)

When I came to London from South Africa during the recession in 1990, I was a recruitment consultant’s dream candidate for temporary work! I was proactive and eager to be placed. I was super keen to work in London – it had been a dream for a long time. I’d also dreamed of being an entrepreneur which came to fruition with the launch of David Alan Consultancy back in 1999. I knew we would need to differentiate ourselves from the masses and as the business owner, I believe I am the principle visionary.  We have differentiated ourselves with our video interviewing technique.

I am a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy with James Caan and Bev James and recently, at a weekend business retreat, James expressed real interest in wanting to know more about our video interviewing service! This is of course totally awesome given his pedigree background as a pioneer in the recruitment business! Needless to say, I organised what was necessary for James to see our service in action and feel proud to have been asked to do this by him! A stellar moment in my business AND career for sure!