Video recruitment increases graduate placements even when they have little work experience

Video recruitment increases graduate placements even when they have little work experience

According to a new report out this month, The Graduate Market in 2011 produced by High Fliers Research, it revealed the analysis of graduate vacancies and starting salaries at Britain’s 100 leading employers, and the report suggested that lack of work experience is affecting graduates and their successful job placements.

It seems then that undergraduates need to be made aware of this new trend whilst they are still at university and are to be encouraged to build some work experience into their CV. If undergrads then marry practical work experience with their academic qualifications they can exponentially increase their chances of landing a good first job. Findings like this report are important and we need to be able to access this type of information in a mainstream way. It isn’t enough for the industry to know this research: the undergrads do too!

At David Alan Consultants, graduate placement is pertinent to us and we are placing more and more undergraduates in temporary roles now and especially in the City. Our recruitment process USP (our unique selling point and out point of difference from other agencies) is that we video interview all our candidates, marry this with the paper CV and we present both to the client.

The net result is that we make it easier for employers for temporary and permanent placements, to appoint the right candidate and get the best graduate talent, regardless..

In our interviews, our undergraduates have the chance to showcase elements of their personality that might not otherwise have been able to successfully communicate well in the paper CV and we ‘get round’ the issue of lack of work experience by amplifying other key areas – key interest areas that we know the role requires and that the candidate has.

Research is all well and good yet if we accepted it as a hard fact we’d never redress the issue.

The report said that employers are warning that graduates who have no previous work experience have little or no chance of getting a job offer despite there being plenty of vacancies in the job market and that around a third (32%) of this year’s graduate vacancies are likely to be filled by applicants who have already worked for the employer as an undergraduate, and in some sectors, such as investment banking and law, this rises to a staggering 50%.

It said many recruiters commented that irrespective of the academic results that a graduate had achieved, it would be very hard for an applicant to demonstrate the skills and competencies that they were looking for if they’d not had any prior work experience and found that employers expect to hire 9.4% more graduates this year than they did last year, with three-fifths of firms expecting to recruit more people than in 2010.

At David Alan Consultants, we believe we have found a way of helping graduate CV’s get to the top of the pile with our video interviewing technique.

Not only do we accurately match up on skills and practical obtained experience at university, yet we are able to capture applicant personalities on a short video clip allowing their individual personalities to shine through which significantly provides substantial further insight on which the candidates’ application is then judged.

We are offering a special recruitment rate of £999 per graduate placement secured via upon selecting candidates featured on our video clip system.

Subject to our Terms & Conditions and this offer is available for the whole of May 2011 for one graduate placement per organization.

What we require is to share the experience with you so we can capture your response to our new product and perfect it according to your needs.

If you are looking for the cream of the graduate crop, do invite us to discuss your requirements and show you our unique interview system.

How may we help you?

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