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Intuition & Hiring People? Does this figure?

Intuition & Hiring People? Does this figure?

You know when you get an inkling about a person or situation? This inkling in a feeling worth paying attention to as it is our intuition working on our behalf. It’s our unique inner guidance system that never shuts off yet which can be tuned up.

Whilst we can assess candidates CVs for their skills and past track record, and with the David Alan video interviewing technique we can show you the candidate on camera answering your specific pre interview questions, it is also important to pay attention to your intuition in the recruitment process as it can give you ‘clues without hard evidence’ and is worth paying attention to.


Are you a Finance sector ‘Recruiter in the City?’

Rosanne Shochot: Director of David Alan Consultants, specialist talent finders in the finance sector placing people who last in the City, West End and Docklands!

I’m Rosanne Shochot: Director of David Alan Consultants, specialist talent finders in the finance sector, placing people who last in the City, West End and Docklands!

I hope you have had a successful month within your businesses.

I am delighted to tell you about the David Alan Consultants pre Spring offer for Recruiters and HR Directors in the City, Central London & Canary Wharf.

For the whole of March 2011, our special recruitment rate finder’s fee is just a flat 15 % on the first job vacancy we secure for you within these catchment areas.


An interview must be a two-way conversation

Interview Tips

As a consultant I like to be tested by interviewees and I recently came across similar themes in a blog from James Caan that was published via the Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy blog, an organisation of which I am a member.

I thought that the points he made were so on message and relevant and it is my pleasure to share them with you here:


The right people in the right roles – we make it easy for you

How to take on Quality Staff that last in 2011

When recruiting new staff, it is important that the roles and objectives are clear, together with strong guidelines and clarity in the role.

The importance of managing staff is essential in order to get the best out of individuals; and by regular monitoring, good staff can become excellent! This process includes having clear guidelines, goals and regular updates on the role, as well as opportunities for the person to develop in his or her position to keep motivated, interested and challenged.


How our candidates view David Alan Consultants

How our candidates view David Alan Consultants

We receive many testimonials from our clients and it is my pleasure to share this one in our blog.

“I am a freelance artist and like most artists, in order to meet the cost of living, I must work a ‘real job’. I’ve a lot to thank the temping world for; it’s paid my bills, kept a roof over my head and put food on my table. In the five years that I have been temping, I have worked for a number of agencies – one of them once referred to me as a ‘career temp’ (a hard term – hard to swallow but true). So when David Alan asked me to tell them about my experience from the ‘other side’ I felt more than qualified!


People BUY People

Show me the Personality

I’ve just returned from a trip to South Africa and while the holiday was great, I have to admit, I’happy to be back at work.  Yes, I’m one of those ‘love your job types’ and I count myself lucky to be like this.

I really like the people side of my industry.  From meeting new clients to reconnecting with past candidates, I enjoy finding out what makes people tick.


“Is it time you called in a front of house top temp?” asks Rosanne Shochot

Summer Temp to the Rescue

With summer here, the best way to avoid the stress of vacationing staff, is to call in a top temp.

I’ve often heard clients wondering out loud if it is worth getting a temp in to cover a vacationing staff member’s position – be it for a day, a week or more.

The process of getting a new candidate in to learn the systems may sound like a time consuming hassle but experience tells me this argument is a false economy.

In the debate of  ‘to temp or not to temp’ I can firmly say that a temp might just save your bacon.


“Our light bulb moment will save you time and money”, says Rosanne Shochot

David Alan Consultants Innovates with Video Interview service

Here at David Alan Consultants, we know that by staying ahead of the times, we can offer our clients better service.

I’m delighted to announce we are now offering a Video Interview feature to our business.

In this digital age, it’s important to keep up with the constant innovations in technology and the exciting opportunities they bring for new ways of doing business. Pre-recorded video interviews are changing the face of recruitment to the advantage of both our clients and our candidates.