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“Interviewers not up to the job” says Niki Chesworth in the Evening Standard

“Interviewers not up to the job” says Niki Chesworth in the Evening Standard

Niki’s piece on interviewers not being up for the job of recruiting well caught my eye, as it would, being a professional in the recruitment industry, living and working in the Capital, an avid reader of the Evening Standard and an expert talent hunter on a mission to ensure the best candidates are placed right first time.

In her piece, in the paper last week, Niki quoted some of the strangest interview questions; here are some she used, below:


We’ve caught the attention of a TV Dragon (proud to say it’s James Caan!)

Passionate and Proud of what we do at David Alan (and we even have the attention of a TV Dragon!)

When I came to London from South Africa during the recession in 1990, I was a recruitment consultant’s dream candidate for temporary work! I was proactive and eager to be placed. I was super keen to work in London – it had been a dream for a long time. I’d also dreamed of being an entrepreneur which came to fruition with the launch of David Alan Consultancy back in 1999. I knew we would need to differentiate ourselves from the masses and as the business owner, I believe I am the principle visionary.  We have differentiated ourselves with our video interviewing technique.

I am a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy with James Caan and Bev James and recently, at a weekend business retreat, James expressed real interest in wanting to know more about our video interviewing service! This is of course totally awesome given his pedigree background as a pioneer in the recruitment business! Needless to say, I organised what was necessary for James to see our service in action and feel proud to have been asked to do this by him! A stellar moment in my business AND career for sure!


An interview must be a two-way conversation

Interview Tips

As a consultant I like to be tested by interviewees and I recently came across similar themes in a blog from James Caan that was published via the Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy blog, an organisation of which I am a member.

I thought that the points he made were so on message and relevant and it is my pleasure to share them with you here:


Inspired by James Caans’ way of doing things!

BBC TV Dragons' Den star James Caan's views

I attended a seminar on Saturday where James Caan was the keynote speaker. I’m a member of the Entrepreneurs’  Business Academy and was lucky enough to have a question answered by James.


How our candidates view David Alan Consultants

How our candidates view David Alan Consultants

We receive many testimonials from our clients and it is my pleasure to share this one in our blog.

“I am a freelance artist and like most artists, in order to meet the cost of living, I must work a ‘real job’. I’ve a lot to thank the temping world for; it’s paid my bills, kept a roof over my head and put food on my table. In the five years that I have been temping, I have worked for a number of agencies – one of them once referred to me as a ‘career temp’ (a hard term – hard to swallow but true). So when David Alan asked me to tell them about my experience from the ‘other side’ I felt more than qualified!


People BUY People

Show me the Personality

I’ve just returned from a trip to South Africa and while the holiday was great, I have to admit, I’happy to be back at work.  Yes, I’m one of those ‘love your job types’ and I count myself lucky to be like this.

I really like the people side of my industry.  From meeting new clients to reconnecting with past candidates, I enjoy finding out what makes people tick.


Announcing our new Video Interviewing facility!

David Alan's Video Interviewing

I’m really thrilled to announce the arrival of the new David Alan Consultants Video Interviewing!

This new facility for us sees one of my goals for our business come true!

Video Interviewing is all about convenience and saving time – for employers and employees.  These qualities are at the heart of what we do. Everyday.


Lights, Camera, Action!… coming to your PC screen!

Lights, Camera, Action...Coming to a Screen Near You

This week has had some  ‘glitz and glam’ for me  as I attended the film shoot for our new marketing promo!

I’ve been working on the script promoting our new Video Interviewing process for what seems now like ages (doesn’t preparation take time!) and I was really excited that the filming day arrived!

Spending time at the film studio was something completely different to my day to day routine.  Which got me thinking…


“Our light bulb moment will save you time and money”, says Rosanne Shochot

David Alan Consultants Innovates with Video Interview service

Here at David Alan Consultants, we know that by staying ahead of the times, we can offer our clients better service.

I’m delighted to announce we are now offering a Video Interview feature to our business.

In this digital age, it’s important to keep up with the constant innovations in technology and the exciting opportunities they bring for new ways of doing business. Pre-recorded video interviews are changing the face of recruitment to the advantage of both our clients and our candidates.