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Video recruitment increases graduate placements even when they have little work experience

Video recruitment increases graduate placements even when they have little work experience

According to a new report out this month, The Graduate Market in 2011 produced by High Fliers Research, it revealed the analysis of graduate vacancies and starting salaries at Britain’s 100 leading employers, and the report suggested that lack of work experience is affecting graduates and their successful job placements.


We’ve caught the attention of a TV Dragon (proud to say it’s James Caan!)

Passionate and Proud of what we do at David Alan (and we even have the attention of a TV Dragon!)

When I came to London from South Africa during the recession in 1990, I was a recruitment consultant’s dream candidate for temporary work! I was proactive and eager to be placed. I was super keen to work in London – it had been a dream for a long time. I’d also dreamed of being an entrepreneur which came to fruition with the launch of David Alan Consultancy back in 1999. I knew we would need to differentiate ourselves from the masses and as the business owner, I believe I am the principle visionary.  We have differentiated ourselves with our video interviewing technique.

I am a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy with James Caan and Bev James and recently, at a weekend business retreat, James expressed real interest in wanting to know more about our video interviewing service! This is of course totally awesome given his pedigree background as a pioneer in the recruitment business! Needless to say, I organised what was necessary for James to see our service in action and feel proud to have been asked to do this by him! A stellar moment in my business AND career for sure!


“Is it time you called in a front of house top temp?” asks Rosanne Shochot

Summer Temp to the Rescue

With summer here, the best way to avoid the stress of vacationing staff, is to call in a top temp.

I’ve often heard clients wondering out loud if it is worth getting a temp in to cover a vacationing staff member’s position – be it for a day, a week or more.

The process of getting a new candidate in to learn the systems may sound like a time consuming hassle but experience tells me this argument is a false economy.

In the debate of  ‘to temp or not to temp’ I can firmly say that a temp might just save your bacon.