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Tips for Temps

Now that I’ve (hopefully) sold you on temping, here are some ways to do a great job of it.

Treat it like a real job (because it is one).  This might seem like a no-brainer, but many temps show up late, don’t dress professionally, or do the bare minimum that’s asked of them.  This obviously does not reflect well on the temp, and in extreme cases, might actually get them dismissed from the role.

Be honest with your agency.  If your agency asks if you have experience with a specific skill, instrument or procedure, do not lie.  Telling a lie might get your foot in the door initially, but the employer has requested those skills because they are necessary in order to do the job.  As soon as it becomes apparent that you lied, you will be sent packing.  Worse, you will have tarnished your, and your agency’s, reputations.

Consider being a bit flexible.  Your agent might suggest a role that might not fall in line with your long-term career goals.  It’s okay to be a bit picky and wait for your dream role, but it’s also okay to branch out a little bit and try something new.

Ask how you can help.  If your to-do pile is already done, don’t just sit around staring at the wall and waiting for new work to come in.  By offering to help, you are making yourself valuable to the organisations. Again, this is the type of thing hiring managers look for.

Keep job hunting.  If you are temping because you haven’t yet found the right full time job, don’t let the fact that you are temping stop you from applying.  Temping is a great way of meeting people, learning new skills, and earning some money but most temp roles will not go on indefinitely.  It’s important to keep your CV up to date and to keep applying for jobs.

Dana G.

Job Hunters: Why use an Agency?

Job hunters, listen up: It’s tough out there these days.  Between skyrocketing unemployment rates, stiff competition for every available job, laborious online job applications, and the old adage that it isn’t what you know but who you know that will find you employment, today’s job seekers need every friend they can get.

And that’s where recruitment specialists (especially David Alan) come in!  We are the first to hear about many available roles, and can quickly match them to qualified candidates.  We know what the employer is looking for, so you won’t waste time applying for positions you aren’t suited or qualified for.  Best of all, we know you.  And that means we can sell you.

Being faced with a stack of CVs as an employer is daunting.  When a trusted consultant tells them that they have a perfect candidate to fill a vacancy, that candidate will go straight to the top of their stack.

Once your CV has been read, and an interview has been scheduled, a consultant can give you inside information about the hiring manager.  What are they looking for?  What do they want to hear?  These are advantages you can only get by using a consultant.

Some agencies even offer special services.  For example, at David Alan we offer a Talking Heads service, where we videotape our candidates.  This allows employers to get a better feel for potential candidates and select the ones they feel would best fit into their orginisation.  This is of benefit to job hunters as well.  Some CVs might be overlooked, but upon “meeting” a candidate on video, an employer might deicde they would be a perfect fit.

Finally, recruitment consultants are trained and experienced in finding people jobs. As a job hunter, why wouldn’t you want an expert on your side, especially at no cost to you?

Dana G.


How I Found David Alan Recruitment

David Alan Consultancy

Like any good job hunter, whenever I see a missed call I immediately hop on Google to see who (or which job opportunity) has rung. Late one afternoon, I found myself Googling David Alan Recruitment’s number.  I’d never heard of them before, but after checking to make sure they were legitimate, I rang them back.

I was greeted by Rosanne, the bubbly, enthusiastic managing director.  She told me about a secretarial role that she thought I’d be great for.  I told her I wasn’t interested as I am attempting to find communications roles.  Most recruiters would have thanked me for ringing back at that point, and put down the phone.

Instead, Rosanne asked what kind of roles I was seeking, and when I told her I was after communications roles, and I’m trying to get my foot in the door in the charity sector, she told me she had a short term position at a charity for the next week.  I was overjoyed!  She suggested we meet for a coffee to discuss.  She was warm, engaging, and really listed to what I wanted.

In the end, not only did she place me in a short-term charity role, she also offered to let me work on her social media for David Alan! Wins all around. David Alan gets an extra hand on deck, and I get valuable communications experience!

Dana G.

Recruitment trade press talks about video recruitment

Recruitment trade press talks about video recruitment

There was a piece in last weeks Recruiter Magazine online which caught my eye. Well, it would, as it was about the use of video in the recruitment process, a viewpoint put out by Andrew Wilkinson, CEO at TMP Worldwide and we specialise in video recruiting as part of our talent placement toolkit.

If you’ve not seen my blog until now, please do take a moment to scroll through and you’ll see that at David Alan, we’ve been using our video interviewing service for a long while now which was as well received from day one as it is today. What’s more, we know we are saving clients up to 50% of the entire recruitment process: the HR Directors’ time and the company’s money.

In the feature, Andrew Wilkinson is reported to have told Recruiter, “Video allows you to bring to life the brand in a way that other types of creative channels don’t.”

And what I receive firsthand on a regular basis via client feedback, is that our video clips, produced for the client at our cost, presented with the traditional CV, totally showcases our candidates.

I am so thrilled to be working in this amazing sector hunting for new talent and presenting the right talent to my clients.

Video has significantly changed the way this industry now works.

Bring it on I say.

You call it the Recruitment Business – We call it a Talent Solutions Business

You call it the Recruitment Business – We call it a Talent Solutions Business

I believe the role we have in our work with HR Directors is in the provision of business solutions and we do this through the people-element of the business.

As communications and commerce rely even more on digital medias, I pose the question in following question in this month’s blog:

How can Mobile & Video can help secure the pick of the crop of top talent for you?


The Talent Hunter Rules, OK?

The Talent Hunter Rules, OK?

At David Alan, we take great care in our talent hunting – our due diligence, fast results, the right result first time, our reputation and unique video interview technique is what we are well known for.

Here are what we call ‘The Rules’ – if you’re responsible for the recruitment process in your organisation and you’re not getting this approach, give us a call on 020 8458 7351. We can not only save you 50% of the time you spend on the process but we can save you money too.


Intuition & Hiring People? Does this figure?

Intuition & Hiring People? Does this figure?

You know when you get an inkling about a person or situation? This inkling in a feeling worth paying attention to as it is our intuition working on our behalf. It’s our unique inner guidance system that never shuts off yet which can be tuned up.

Whilst we can assess candidates CVs for their skills and past track record, and with the David Alan video interviewing technique we can show you the candidate on camera answering your specific pre interview questions, it is also important to pay attention to your intuition in the recruitment process as it can give you ‘clues without hard evidence’ and is worth paying attention to.


Why should you choose David Alan Consultants for your recruitment process?

Why should you choose David Alan Consultants for your recruitment process?

We specialise in placing staff that last and last – why? Because of the care we take from the outset to ensure we match the right talent to the right roles. We’re very particular in this area because we don’t want to waste time or money and our motivation is to provide the best selection process of the best candidates possible.

We believe the way to recruit these days is to enhance the quality of the process making it easier for you to choose the very best candidates for your unique roles.. At David Alan we are specialists in talent matching and we do it in a specific way.

We thoroughly interview each short-listed candidate, short-listed in the first instance by us, matching skills with experience and we are diligent to match candidates to your organizations’ culture. After all, our goal is to spoil you for choice when making the decision.

Our video interview technique literally brings CVs to life so that when you see the traditional CV with a specially filmed clip of the candidates we believe would be fantastic for your role, answering the questions you provided us, that you really want to hear answered, you can make a faster informed decision on who to interview.

Two weeks ago we filmed our new promotional movie for the website. We hope this gives a clear message of how we make incredible talent VISIBLE. Please do take a moment to view via

It is our pleasure to share this endorsement we recently received with you:

The David Alan Consultants video interview service saves time and money when recruiting. It makes perfect sense to be able to see/hear shortlisted candidates before interview. This is the interview way of the future.

Bev James, MD of the Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy – Passionate about your success and The Coaching Academy – Inspiring Coaching, Inspiring Success

Here is a link to our Testimonials page.

What’s the next step for you?

We would love to schedule a 15 minute appointment with you, at your offices so that you can view our revolutionary recruitment process first-hand in a short presentation.

If you would like to sharpen your recruitment process, save up to 75% of your time and money AND have the pick of the crop of talent shortlisted for you, please give us a call to book your appointment.

How may we help you? – assuring you of my personal attention at all times

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How you can improve your management skills to get the best from your team!

How you can improve your management skills to get the best from your team!

Sometimes managers are promoted so quickly they forget what it was like when they first started out.

There are a lot of management competencies that have been developed through research over the years. They provide a good solid foundation for developing management skills and improving performance. However, they sometimes feel intangible, so when I’m working with managers I sometimes use a very simple exercise to help clarify to the managers which are the most important skills and behaviours they need in their organisations. It goes something like this:


Video recruitment increases graduate placements even when they have little work experience

Video recruitment increases graduate placements even when they have little work experience

According to a new report out this month, The Graduate Market in 2011 produced by High Fliers Research, it revealed the analysis of graduate vacancies and starting salaries at Britain’s 100 leading employers, and the report suggested that lack of work experience is affecting graduates and their successful job placements.